Göran Boll

Göran, C-IAYT and member of IAYT Advisory Board, the Swedish founder of MediYoga, has taught and lectured on yoga since 1995 and has participated in 90 % of all research on yoga in Sweden. In 2010 he managed to get yoga into the Swedish NHS. Today 280 hospitals and clinics offer MediYoga to all types of patients.

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Lectures & Workshops

Over the last 25 years Göran has lectured on yoga in corporate, medical and academic settings, in Europe, in the USA and in India, he regularly gives workshops and lead teacher trainings all over Scandinavia as well as offering open evening yoga classes at his own institute in Stockholm three nights a week.

Yoga Online

Göran Boll Yoga Institute have for a number of years broadcasted all evening classes live online (in Swedish) to the general public. Starting in the fall of 2020 the institute will also start producing classes online in English.

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Yoga as Medicine

After several years of training health professionals to become instructors in yoga, in 2010 Göran managed to get MediYoga into the Swedish NHS. Today more than 20 % of all hospitals and clinics offer MediYoga to all types of patients in Sweden, and several hundred new caregivers become MediYoga instructors every year.


The I AM Project

After the success with MediYoga, in 2016 Göran decided on moving back to the primary objective of yoga – Consciousness. His new venture is the I AM Project.

The history of yoga goes back thousands of years. Its original purpose, through transcendence of the self was to create a clear and pervasive transformation in man, in the direction of deepened awareness. In its core, yoga offers a deeply sophisticated, philosophical and purely quantum understanding of what it means to be human.

The I AM project, an endeavor to highlight and support this original purpose includes lectures, courses, teacher training, workshops and online tutorials. From 2021 it will be available in English.

Göran Boll lectures

Over the years Göran has lectured in workplaces, universities, hospitals, medical colleges and at conferences in Scandinavia, Europe, India and USA.


After all the courses I´ve taken over the years, I didn't think I could be happier. But in the AM course with Göran gave me a different yogic experience, on all levels. I feel doors into myself opening up, it gives me mental nourishment. The fact that each class has a specific theme contributes to the experience. I appreciate the introductory texts that provide insight into and knowledge of each theme. They are well written, easy to read, engaging and trustworthy. The teacher is brilliant! I look forward to the next I AM special. Score: 10 points!

Karin Halvarson


The AM course really felt great, focusing on the individual participant. To keep my eyes closed for 75 minutes has been liberating - focusing inward, letting go and experiencing. Joy, thoughtfulness, doubt, curiosity, motivation… a lot – inspiring! I have loved info on themes, exercises and meditation, I often use breaths and movements in my everyday life. The teacher feels calm, confident, clear, present, accessible, permissive, hopeful, read and welcoming. The course has opened up to new reflections on awareness. It has given me a desire to do and learn more. Score: I give I AM the score 9.5 - but the experience feels like a 10th!

Anki Wide Karlsson


My experience of the I AM course has been fantastic. It really has had profound effects, with some side effects in the beginning. The thematic course material was very good and has helped with understanding. My awareness has increased - not always based on positive feelings, but there are some things that I need to accept. My therapist praises this course and sees results with me! Score: 10+

Gabriella Stockman


Examples of companies and organizations where Göran has lectured